The Cintron Brothers play a mix of World, Latin & Flamenco music and Rumba Flamenca. Born performers, they exemplify all that is exciting and romantic about La Fiesta. Their guitars, vocals and melodies, set to enchanting rhythms, evoke the traditional sounds of Andalusia and their beloved Spain.


"Los Cintron's music is expansive, they sing with the souls of gypsies and will transport their audiences through a journey that moves them to dance, sing and cry."


They performed for 12 years at the Metropolitan Opera in "Carmen" at Lincoln Center and currently play for audiences around the world, including New York, Paris, Moscow, London, Ireland, Chile, Rome. These two talented brothers are natives of Spain, residing in NYC. 

King Juan Carlos & Queen Sofia of Spain 
President Menen of Argentina
Billy Joel
Madelaine Albright
Anthony Quinn
Itzhak Perlman
Gene Simmons
Geraldo Rivera
Busta Rhymes
President Arzu of Guatemala
Whoopi Goldberg
Henry Kissinger
Ivana Trump
Tony Curtis                                            Betsy Johnson                                          Tommy  Hilfiger                                        Keith Hernandez ( NY.Mets)                      Robin Quivers ( Howard  Stern)                     Emeril Lagasse           

President Clinton & The First Lady   
Princess Caroline of Monaco
Placido Domingo
Paco de Lucia
Alec Baldwin
Queen Noor of Jordan
Tito Puente
Oscar De La Renta
Pierce Brosnan
Savion Glover
Julia Stiles
Andrew Young
Sidney Poitier                                                   David Villa  (Football)                                      Frank Langella                                                S.J. Sonia Sotomayor

"I love the way the brothers' play la guitarra, voices & guitar become one"

Anthony Quinn

"Wonderful to be in a room when you play guitars and sing"

Kimbery Massengill,  WBAI 99.5 FM

"Two thumbs up for these guys"

Gene Simmons

"Thank you for performing at my wedding, beautiful job,

you guys are real caballeros"

Geraldo Rivera

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